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Whether it is possible to borrow money for you is of course entirely dependent on the circumstances and the wishes. Borrowing a high amount, while you have no income and do not meet the conditions, is of course virtually impossible. In the next section, more about the conditions you have to take into account if you want to take out a mini loan.

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There are, of course, fewer conditions for the mini-loan than for a regular loan, such as a loan from the bank. But of course, there are some things that you have to take into account. So you must at least meet the following conditions:
– You must be at least 21 years old to be able to take out a mini-loan
– You must have an income
The difference with this last measure compared to regular lenders is that there are not many restrictions associated with this income. For example, there is no minimum income requirement and income from student finance, health care allowance or child allowance is also income. This means that in many cases it is possible to borrow, whereas this is not the case with regular loan providers. In addition, with a mini-loan, you do not suffer from all kinds of annoying other conditions, paperwork or mandatory agreements.

Another advantage of loan is that these loans are fairly easy to close. You only need to request the bad credit loan from the computer in a few minutes. The entire online application generally takes only 5 minutes- you can try this out. Papers do not have to be sent and you also do not have to justify why you want to borrow exactly. An application can also be made at any time of the day, for example at night or on weekends. Waiting times and opening hours are therefore no longer an obstacle. 

Closing a mini-loan is therefore often possible and, moreover, easy and quick to arrange via the internet. A mini loan is of course only suitable in situations where it is a small amount of money since you can borrow no more than 1000 euros with these loans.